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The 2012 Election Year is Underway!

posted Jan 11, 2012, 12:48 PM by Cass County Republicans   [ updated Jun 15, 2017, 1:11 AM ]

The year we fire Obama has finally arrived. After 3 years of his failed policies, we can hardly wait! Although this is the goal of every Republican in the country, we can’t fool ourselves into thinking it’s going to be easy. The Chicago style Democrat political machine won’t go down without formidable resistance and they don’t fight fair. In order to defeat Obama and build on our great successes of 2010, we need every Republican in Cass County to get involved.


Go to your precinct caucuses.

Attend our monthly meetings.

Volunteer whenever you can by;

            Making phone calls

            Putting up signs

            Voter ID

            Help at fairs, parades and other events



In 2010 we were able to retire Jim Oberstar by replacing him with Chip Cravaack. This year we can say goodbye to Amy Klobuchar as well. Let’s not just maintain our majorities in St. Paul, but increase them. Working together we can achieve anything!