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It’s Not Easy Carrying Water for the Elephant

posted Aug 7, 2013, 11:03 AM by Cass County Republicans   [ updated Jun 21, 2017, 6:32 PM ]

Lately I’ve been getting phone calls and emails from staunch conservatives who tell me they are through with the Republican Party. Since I certainly understand their frustration, I’ve given this some careful thought for the last few days and decided to make an attempt to express them here.


My first inclination is to recall why I consider myself a Republican and why I became involved with the Party. It all comes down to the basic principles.


  • Free market solutions to promote prosperity
  • Sensible and responsible government
  • Fiscal and personal responsibility
  • Strong national defense
  • Protect public safety and promote the rule of law
  • Pro-family, pro-life, and pro-gun values


People say we need a new or different party, but if you agree with all these principles as I do, then why? We already have one. I think our energy is better spent getting our party leadership and politicians to follow the principles of their party than start a new one and that’s why I got involved.


The problem is that those in our party with power and money don’t care about these principles or even the people who do believe in them. All they care about is power and money and winning elections. These Party elites are bound to end up with neither if they continue their losing policies.


The other problem I have with people who say they want a new party is who’s going to start one? I don’t hear any of these people saying they’re going to do it. Even prominent libertarians aren’t supporting their own party. Instead, many of them have infiltrated the GOP and are trying to change our platform to conform to their views.


In some ways I can understand this, because there really isn’t enough time to get another political party established. The Democrats are well on their way to destroying our country and obtaining unbeatable power. Time is running out fast.


That brings us to the number one reason to support the Republican Party. If we don’t, the Democrats win. There simply is no other alternative.


Besides, you don’t hear about Democrats abandoning their party do you? They seem to be perfectly fine with the fact that their party leadership has been taken over by socialists and communists. They will continue to vote themselves into perpetual servitude to an enormous central government without giving it a thought before it’s too late.


Although Democrats are never slow to criticize the GOP, nobody is more critical of the Republican Party than Republicans. Funny isn’t it? Well, if you’re not happy with GOP politicians, how’s it working out with Democrats in charge?


Frustrated conservatives often fail to remember that it took many decades to get the GOP and our country to this desperate state of affairs. It’s not going to be solved overnight.


Millions of people like me have awoken from their apathetic slumber and are working hard to change things. Even though there is still much work to be done, we’ve made great strides in a very short period of time.


Many of the old RINO’s have been delegated to the dustbins of history. People like Arlan Specter, Charlie Crist, Dick Luger and many others are out of the GOP and out of office.


We have many new politicians who hopefully have the backbone to lead our Party in a better direction and follow our party principles. Is it too little, too late? That remains to be seen.


What it all comes down to is that we’re tired. I am so very weary of people coming to me with complaints, but no solutions. If you don’t like what the GOP leadership is doing, does abandoning the party solve anything? Or does it just make things worse? What is your plan?


I have decided that my energy is better spent trying to strengthen the Republican Party than to tear it down. Maybe my plan will fail, but at least it’s a plan.


I’ve worked very hard for the last 4 years alongside many great volunteers. I’ve met some wonderful people along the way that I would never have known otherwise. We’ve had some success and some heartbreaking failures.


I learned many things, but one of the most important is this. I have absolutely no control over what happens on a national level in this Party. All I can do is try to get good Republicans elected at the local level and hope they can go far. If I fail, then at least I tried.


That’s my plan. What’s yours?


Jan Schultz

Cass County Republican

BPOU Past Chair