Third Annual American-Minnesotan Dinner Oct. 2nd

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As we enter the “home stretch” in this all-important election, we have an opportunity to build enthusiasm to a high level of intensity. We must help all our candidates to cross the finish line November 3rd and turn this State of MN “RED” for the first time in decades. Your support at our annual American-Minnesotan Dinner (@ Gull Lake) will be an important step in the right direction.


We felt saddened about having to cancel our similar event (@ Leech Lake) on 9-17-20, but are very excited about going “full steam ahead” in having this gathering at Cragun’s Legacy on Friday, October 2nd. That’s just a month away, so be sure to make plans to attend in support of our GOP candidates. All information is included in the attached flyer. Please show your allegiance and participate, if at all possible. See you there on October 2nd.


Best regards from Fred Hage, Cass County BPOU Chairman


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DUE TO COVID 19, we have used our best judgement to move the dinner date out about 4 months to protect our citizens/constituents during this most unusual period in recent history. Let's all exhibit our continued support and energy in order to promote this gathering to be as great as possible.  This important event will contribute to the campaigns of all our candidates in this election year. I look forward to a sellout crowd at Northern Lights Event Center on Thursday 9-17-20 and hope to see and meet as many people as possible.

CAUCUSES ON 2-25-2020 @ 7pm

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Do not miss this all-important opportunity to exercise your political wishes in promoting our candidates and becoming a Delegate or Alternate to further these views at the upcoming convention. Your caucus location and pertinent information are listed on the poster. I hope to see a grand turnout for this extremely important  process in this 2020 election.


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AMDinner Flyer

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the GOP Rally and fundraiser that the Cass County Republicans are having on Saturday, October 19th. It, once again, will be held at the beautiful Cragun's Legacy Golf Pavilion just east of the resort on Gull Lake. It's located about 4+ miles west of the Chevy dealership in Baxter that is on #371 and #77 (Pine Beach Rd ). This exciting and energizing event will include many candidates, guest speakers, a silent and/or live auction, a great social hour from 5-6:30 and a delicious buffet. Individual seats are $50 and seating is 8 per table. Full table purchases for $350 or half table purchases for $175 can also be arranged. To help with an accurate count for food preparation, please register through Eventbrite for RSVP purposes. Of course you can also pay by card or check at the door. Checks (made out to Cass County Republicans) can also be mailed to our treasurer Paul Ritter @ 9671 County Rd #52 NE in Remer, MN 56672. Let's make this 2nd annual event very successful by supporting our candidates and energize our efforts as we approach the 2020 election year. I look forward to a great turnout on October 19th and would like to meet as many people as possible at this wonderful function for this 8 county area. Regards from Fred Hage, your Cass County Republican chairman.

JASON LEWIS Meet & Greet

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Let's all gather to give Jason Lewis a warm welcome and have a chance to meet and visit with our exciting new candidate for the US Senate. He will be at the Holiday Inn Express in Baxter, MN on Thursday, September 12th from 4:00 to 6:30. "Dutch" Cragun and Fred Hage ( Cass County BPOU Chairman ) will be there to help introduce and promote our GOP US Senate candidate. We look forward to the wonderful opportunity for our constituents to support and visit with Jason. Snacks provided at the event with cash bar. See you there on Thursday the 12th.

Jason Lewis


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Don't miss these opportunities to enjoy and support our GOP candidates and the wonderful message and effort they bring to our system of government.

2019 Parades List


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Don't miss this chance to visit with your Legislators and find out what transpired at St. Paul this session.


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Pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution of the Republican Party of Minnesota and pursuant to the 2019 Call for Republican Party Basic Political Organizational Unit (bpou) conventions, issued by the Republican State Executive Committee, the Cass County Convention is hereby called to meet at:






 The Cass County Convention shall be composed of the delegates and alternates elected at the precinct caucuses in 2018 designated as lying within the boundaries of Cass County.


The Cass County Convention shall be held for the purpose of:

Election of officers for a two-year term

Election of 1 delegate & 2 alternates to State Central                 

Constitution review and other appropriate business


Registration opens at 11:45am and closes at 12:45pm

With no fee and a luncheon included






1.) Call to order

2.)  Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation

3.)  Reading of Official Convention Call

4.)  Approval of Agenda

5.)  Election of Temporary Chair and Secretary for this Meeting

6.)  Appointment of Convention Committee Chairs

a.) Rules

b.) Credentials

c.)  Nominating

7.)  Appointment of Convention Officials

a.)  Parliamentarian

b.)   Sergeant-at-Arms

c.)   Teller/Timekeeper

8.)  Preliminary Credentials Committee Report

9.)  Rules Committee Report                 

10.)  Seating of Alternates

11.)  Report of the Chair

12.)  Finance Report & Secretary’s Report

13.)  Final Credentials Report

14.)  Nominations Committee Report

15.)  Election of Officers

16.)  Election of 1 Delegate & 2 Alternates to State Central Committee

17.)  Other business that may properly come before the Convention

18.)  Adjournment

ISSUED at the COUNTY of CASS, MINNESOTA this 11TH DAY OF JANUARY, 2019                      


posted Oct 30, 2018, 10:57 AM by Cass County Republicans   [ updated Oct 30, 2018, 11:02 AM ]


The Cass County Republicans BPOU is proud to announce the formulation of a highly respected new group within our organization.

 This club will be called the GRAND INNER CIRCLE and will be comprised of individuals who have contributed $1000 or more to help fund our political “grass roots” movement. The members of this group can be of our own staff who have contributed, in aggregate, over the past years to reach this goal to attain the above-mentioned status. It can also include those non-staff individuals who are of special mention. Any non-staff contributors to this group will have full transparency to our operations and be invited to all committee meetings.

       We are proud to introduce the first charter members of the group as IRMA & DUTCH CRAGUN, who have helped so much in launching our well-attended first American-Minnesotan Dinner. It recently took place at the Cragun Legacy Golf facility on October 13th and was a great GOP rally that stimulated energy for the upcoming election and created some necessary fundraising.

  We hope to see continued interest and growth in this newly formed club. This will be an entry on our “navigation bar” on our website (, so please follow it for updates as well as just perusing through the entire website for information on our activities.

Thank you, again, to Irma and Dutch Cragun!

With best regards

from Fred Hage - Cass County

Republicans Chairman

Grand Inner Circle Members

  • Irma and Dutch Cragun
  • Paul Ritter
  • Nancy Evans
  • Fred Hage
  • Vin Weber

American-Minnesotan Dinner

posted Sep 29, 2018, 1:34 AM by Cass County Republicans   [ updated Oct 23, 2018, 6:26 PM ]

     I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped contribute in making our American-Minnesotan Dinner the successful event that it turned out to be. A special thanks goes to Rachel Buttenhoff of the Beltrami County Republicans in rallying their troops and getting about 20 people to attend from that area. I also want to commend Rich Siegert in doing such a great job with their BPOU group in Beltrami. I additionally want to extend gratitude towards our staff for their hard work and effort that was put towards this project. Without Justin, Steve, Pat and Nancy, I would have been greatly handicapped in the process. We all need to remember that the most important component in making this entire event possible is “Irma & Dutch Cragun”. Without their generosity in providing the beautiful golf pavilion facility, our dinner would not have become the great reality that was enjoyed by those in attendance. Lastly, we all appreciate the elected officials and candidates who took time out from their busy schedules to offer input and excitement into the rally. The American-Minnesotan Dinner will tentatively be scheduled for the 2nd Saturday in October each year as a fundraiser and rally for the Cass County Republicans. Thank you with great sincerity from Fred Hage, your Cass County BPOU chairman.

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